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Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the Atherton and Manunda areas and with good reason. These animals are most suited to living in an indoor environment around humans and other pets.

If you are considering adding a puppy, kitten or an older dog or cat to your family, we have a selection that you will adore! We also carry pet food, accessories, medications and other products that you might find useful as a dog or cat owner.
Three Puppies — Dogs, Cats & Accessories in Manunda, QLD

Dog & Cat Breeds

Pets to Pamper have one of the most significant selections of dogs and cats in the area. If there is a specific breed that you are looking for, we can put feelers out through our contacts to see if we can order one for you. Our current selection of dogs includes:

  • Shih-tzu
  • Maltese
  • Mini dachshund
  • Mini poodle
  • Lhasa apso
  • Chihuahua
  • Jack Russell
  • Mini foxy
  • King Charles

We only sell ragdoll cats at present, but we will have other breeds available very soon.

Dog & cat accessories

The dog and cat accessories that we sell at Pets to Pamper will help you create a hospitable and loving environment for your new pet. These accessories include:
  • Dog & cat beds
  • Collars, leads & harnesses
  • Dog coats
  • Training pee pads
  • Cat litter, trays & scoops
  • Cat scratching posts
  • Cat & dog grooming brushes
  • Barking collars & containment systems
  • Dog kennels
  • Airline approved carriers
  • Dog & cat bowls
  • Collapsible crates
  • Shampoos & conditioners
  • Flea & tick shampoo

Dog & Cat food

Feeding your kitten or puppy will be the best way to ensure they grow up to become a healthy and lovable cat or dog. At Pets to Pamper, we can hook you up with the most reputable brands of dog and cat food in the area, including:
  • Frozen roo meat
  • Frozen beef mince
  • Dogs - Advance dry biscuit
  • Chicken flavour
  • Lamb flavour
  • Dogs - Meal for Mutts dry biscuit
  • Duck & turkey
  • Salmon & sardine
  • Turkey & lamb (lite)
  • Chicken & turkey (puppy)
  • Turkey, salmon & sardine (puppy)
  • Kangaroo & lamb
  • Cats - Advance dry biscuit
  • Chicken (adult & kitten)
  • Fish
  • Cats - Meals for Meows dry biscuit
  • Kangaroo & turkey
  • Mackerel & salmon

Dog & Cat medication

Should your pet fall sick or you wish to prevent them from contracting an illness, we have the following dog and cat medications available at our pet stores:

  • Drontal Worming
  • Milbemax worming
  • Bravecto
  • Nexgard
  • Seresto collars
  • Heartgard
  • Frontline for cats
  • Osteo support
Our expert staff members will be on hand at our store to help you understand the challenges associated with owning your first puppy or kitten. We will walk you through the pet food options and other items you may need before you take home your dog or cat.