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If you're looking for a pet to pamper, whether it's cute and cuddly or creepy and crawly, we have them all here at Pets to Pamper

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Are you wanting a pet to pamper and bring into your home? Pets to Pamper is a locally owned and operated pet store located in Atherton. We sell pets ranging from dogs and cats, to snakes and scorpions, to chicken and ducklings, to native and exotic birds.

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About us

Pets to Pamper is an independent, locally-owned pet shop in Atherton. We are passionate about pets — from dogs and cats to reptiles and birds.

You'll find all of our staff members friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about animals. Our professional history and dedication to pets spans more than 30 years.

At our pet store in Atherton, you'll get all the assistance you need to find a new pet for your family. You'll also find the pet food and related pet accessories you need right here.

Pets to Pamper is your one-stop shop for anything related to pets. We have every type of loveable pet you can imagine, all housed in a clean and healthy environment.
Pets And Pamper Store Front View — Fish & Fish Accessories in Manunda, QLD
Gold Fish
Pets to Pamper has an extensive selection of fish and plants for sale, including catfish, goldfish, tropical fish and betta fish. We also sell fish food, fish accessories, fish medications and fish tanks and aquariums.
If you’re a bird lover, you'll love the birds at Pets to Pamper! We sell native, exotic and hand-reared birds, along with the bird food and accessories to keep them safe and happy at your home.
Come and see our reptilian friends at Pets to Pamper — lizards, snakes, turtles, and more. We also carry cages, food, lighting, heating and accessories for your fascinating new reptile pet.
Guinea Pig
The cutest pets for your home can be found in our small animals collection, including mice, rats, ducklings, and guinea pigs. Choose the perfect little pet and take care of them with our fine selection of accessories and pet food.
Who wouldn't love chicks that grow up to be your pet hens? Your pantry will have its own supplies of fresh eggs! Visit us at Pets to Pamper in Atherton today and return home with your very own egg-laying chickens.