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Frequently asked questions

Pets to Pamper is a locally owned and operated pet shop in Atherton.

Here, you can buy dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, poultry and other pets for your home.

We also carry pet food, medications, accessories, and anything else you may need as part of owning and caring for your new pet.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services…
Dog Inside the Pet Store — FAQs in Manunda, QLD
Q. I am going on holiday. Can you keep my dog or cat for me?
Unfortunately, we cannot temporarily house dogs and cats for our customers. The only pets that we can host for you are birds.
Q. I have never owned a pet before. Can you help me get it right?
Q. Can you test the water in my fish tank?
Q. I am not sure what food to buy for my dog or cat. What should I do?
Q. I want to get a pet snake but I am scared I may get bitten. Can you help me understand the risks of owning a snake?