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Pets to Pamper in Atherton is the place to come to when you're looking for a new pet to bring into your home.

Get acquainted with our dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, chickens, small animals and other pets. We'll help you choose a pet that will enrich your life and the lives of your children.

Aside from selling pets at our one-stop pet store, we also provide specialist services to pet owners.
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Pet owning advice

Owning a pet is a responsibility, whether you're living in an apartment or in a bigger home. Many people assume that owning a dog, cat, bird, fish, or another pet, will be hassle free.

The truth is, it can be a significant challenge if you've never owned a pet before. But, after making a few simple changes to your daily routine, it soon become easier.

In some ways owning a pet is like having a baby. You have to take care of your pet, ensure it is fed in timely fashion, tend to its toilet needs, ensure regular medical attention, and give it the love and attention it needs.
Some pets require more work than others but all pet ownership is a responsibility that you need to take seriously.

If you need any advice when buying a pet, please don't hesitate to ask the specialist staff members at Pets to Pamper. We'll walk you through the steps of owning particular pets and prepare you, so you can confidently bring a new pet into your home.
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Bird sitting

Will you need to be away from your home for a few days or a week? It’s not ideal to leave your bird or birds at home alone.

We offer a Bird Sitting service for this very purpose. Bring your bird into Pets to Pamper, speak with one of our staff members and we will get you set up.

When you’re back from your trip, come into the store during business hours to pick up your bird!
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Clipping your bird's wings

If your bird is starting to fly and you are hesitant about clipping their wings, you can bring them into our shop and have us do it for you. We can also advise you about other options should you not want to clip their wings.
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Free water testing

If you own a fish tank and are planning to add pet fish, we can carry out tests on your tank for pH, nitrates, nitrates, and ammonia, to ensure that it will be safe for your fish.

We do stock water testing kits at Pets to Pamper. We can also provide instructions on how to bring in a water sample for us to test in-store. Routine water testing is the only way to ensure that your tank will continue to be safe for your fish.